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Fuse Panel or a breakers?

In case you have a old fuse box in your house that looks like the one on the Picture on the bottom. I would recommend you an upgrade to a breaker box due to following reasons:

1. I can guarantee it is overloaded – nowadays houses require a lot more circuits than the fuses boxes can hold

2. It is old and due to this it may not work properly with your modern appliances It increases a value on house – in case you would like to sell it.

3. It increases a value on house – in case you would like to sell it.

4. Insurance companies raise rates or can cancel your policy for home insurance.

5. It brings a fire hazard to your place – mostly people oversize the fuses and the wires get very hot while not blowing the fuse.

6. It may be difficult to tell whether fuse is blown comparing to a breaker.

7. You can’t have any more circuits (you may have less than 12), while a new panel can have 32 breakers and up.

8. When a breaker trips, you don’t have to go to the store to get a new one.

9. When you look at the face of the fuse panel, it is hard to tell if it has a proper fuse size – you may need to take the cover off to determine wire size.

10. When you change fuses be careful! It be can occasionally hazardous – some people have been shocked when they were inserting a fuse because it was wired backwards.

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